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Welcome to Humansphere

An audience response system (ARS) is a powerful tool for achieving better meeting outcome in business review sessions, training workshops, focus groups and a variety of other group processes where anonymous audience real-time feedback generates greater level of participation and interactivity.

A good audience response system should be easy to deploy, setup, learn and use. It should be integrated seamlessly into a meeting presentation and its use should be non-intrusive to the meeting process.

Option Technologies Interactive, LLC has helped thousands of organizations to harness the collective wisdom of meeting participants, engage them, increase focus, and generate active participation at conferences, seminars and workshops.

Applications of ARS

Continuing Education & Training
Continuing Medical Education
Continuing Professional Education
Control Self Assessment
Enterprise Risk Management
Business Review
Market Research
Employee Perception Survey
Town Hall Meeting
Delegate Voting
OptionPower makes it easy for meeting participants to provide anonymous real-time group feedback and hence achieve better meeting outcomes and meeting productivity by harnessing the collective wisdom and creative power of people in meetings and training sessions. Long lectures don't engage your audience and paper surveys can't provide real-time information. OptionPower helps to

boost attentiveness, increase retention
allow meeting to focus on key issues
generate greater interactivity
build alignment and buy-in
engage the audience
facilitate democracy of inputs
Worldwide Support...
OTILLC supports more than 2000 customers worldwide through its sales and technical support centers located in Florida and Utah; and affiliated partners and distributors in the United States, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Puerto Rico and Australia.