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Continuing Medical Education
How Does Audience Response Technology Improve CME Training Programs?

Your organization invests significant time, money and resources in producing continuing education, assessment and compliance programs. What if you could easily create memorable, powerful experiences that would engage your audience, boost their knowledge and allow for immediate assessment and documentation?

With OptionPower you can easily:
Pre-test staff and doctors' knowledge baseline.
Assess comprehension during the program.
Post-test retention and measure training impact.


Stop spending so much of your time and resources manually administering CME, SAMs, CNE, CEU, CLE and other required educational credits:
Automatically track your meeting participants and their completion of staff training, HIPAA-mandated courses and other compliance requirements.
Easily access and use data for certificate preparation, credits reporting and audit verification.

Easily transform existing case studies and grand rounds into dynamic, interactive presentations:
100% PowerPoint integration removes the learning curve and minimizes demand for IT assistance.
Real-time engagement focuses the audience on the pearls the presenter wants to reinforce.


Focus your energy on essential tasks instead of data tabulation and output:
Built-in report manager allows you to immediately see if the audience grasped the key points.
Easily document interactive test scores for HIPAA compliance and medical education credits.
Instantly export all data into Microsoft Excel format for convenient analysis.
Eliminate the hassle of compiling and storing paper tests and have powerful, easy access to the results.