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Control Self Assessment / Entreprise Risk Management
How Does Audience Response Technology Improve CSA/ERM Programs?

By utilizing an audience response system you can quickly collect unfiltered and honest information from risk and control workshop groups. Internal audit professionals have used our systems for many years to improve workshop trust, participation, information, and flexibility. Your CSA/ERM programs will be significantly enhanced with the addition of candid and highly accurate information.

Using wireless keypads, participants anonymously respond to interactive questions (created on-the-fly or prepared in OptionPower software) about risks in the work environment. While some of the benefit is derived from collecting polling data, the real power of our audience response system is evident when results are displayed to the group: everyone is able to see their collective opinion displayed after an anonymous poll. This knowledge creates open and honest discussion and gives you reliable qualitative data to supplement polling results. OptionPower is not just a tool for discovering what everyone thinks; it helps find out why they think that way and then focuses on what should be done to eliminate risky practices.

OptionPower Will Boost Your Continuing Education Outcomes

Polling data from multiple workshops can be easily consolidated into a master file so that organizational analysis and risk evaluation is significantly simplified. Unlike other systems, you won't need to merge and compile data in external programs when you choose OptionPower.
Easily access data and analyze by session, participant, group, or other variables. Access data real-time during a session. The OptionPower data structure is the fastest and most powerful platform of any interactive response application. You can extract, display and report results faster and more flexibly than with any other interactive opinion polling application. Users can instantly show cross-tabbed charts from any sub-group or question in PowerPoint or Excel. Data is already resident in the database so when you want to view or report data from multiple employee polling sessions you can avoid the "consolidation" delay found in other products.
Instantly pose an unscripted interactive question based on the meeting dynamics … you aren't tied to a strict agenda when circumstances change.You can adjust to the flow of the workshop by quickly posing questions as topics or discussion dictate.