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Delegate Voting Module
The Delegate Voting Module is an add-on product for the OptionPower interactive system. It is designed to fulfill the objectives of democratic decision making and delegate voting processes by using OptionPower's fast and efficient interactive polling systems.

If accuracy and time are important in your voting and election processes you will benefit from the precise and quick capabilities of the Delegate Voting Module™. The time to prepare, administer and hand-count referendums and elections for officers and boards can be consistently reduced by more than 50%.
Anonymous ballots
Give your voters the assurance that they can freely speak their minds without fear of tracking or recrimination. The Delegate Voting Module defaults to anonymous voting mode and all voting and referendum data is not trackable to any individual participant.

Accurate vote tallies
The participant voting devices are not able to "stuff" the ballot box or vote multiple times for a candidate. Each voter has an equally-weighted voice in the process and multiple votes and tampering are eliminated.

Fast vote results
Avoid the expense and time of preparing paper ballots and waiting for manual counts. Your delegates and voters will appreciate the efficiency of the process and your ability to conduct a higher volume and quality of productive business.
Delegate Voting Module Information Sheet