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Group Voting / Delegate Voting
How Does Audience Response Technology Improve Group Voting Experiences?

Does it take you forever to elect your leadership? Are your paper ballots tedious to produce and process? Are last minute changes problematic? With our delegate voting system you can elect your leaders in a fraction of the time and free yourself from the hassle of counting ballots.

Clients such as Delta Sigma Theta, AME, United Methodist and Holland & Knight have found that our electronic voting saves time and money. You can turn a two-day election filled with tension into a quick and relatively painless one-day or less process. Our system is straightforward and easy-to-use. We create an electronic ballot of candidates for each office and project it onto a screen. Each voter uses a handheld device to cast their vote. Votes are automatically tallied for each candidate and the results of the election are presented in either a printed or projected format. The process is repeated until all leaders are elected.

The OptionPower voting system is designed to block multiple votes for candidates, and will not allow delegates to place more than the number of votes allotted for an office. For offices with multiple openings it automatically blocks a delegate from repeatedly voting for the same candidate. If an office has more than one position open, delegates are allowed to vote on multiple candidates for that office. As candidates are elected to office or dropped from the voting process the ballot is easily updated.

In some cases, you may want to track voters in attendance or capture how individuals vote on particular issues. In these cases a user roster is activated. This allows delegates to be pre-assigned to voting devices. Delegates' attendance can be tracked easily for verification purposes. The process provides added security by giving you the ability to verify the voting delegates in attendance.

You can also use our systems to vote on referendums and quickly and easily determine the future direction of your organization. Some of the benefits include:

Accurate tally of yes, no and abstain votes.
Automated counting and documenting process.
Flexibility to create new language for display and re-voting.

OptionPower Will Turbocharge Your Electronic Voting

Use the power and flexibility of PowerPoint to create ballots for delegate and referendum voting. Easily create new ballots directly in PowerPoint or make existing PowerPoint slides interactive, turning any presentation into an electronic voting session. The ease of use saves you time and money and eliminates the need for external technicians when you run simple referendum voting sessions. Vote tallies are accurate and fast.
OptionPower automatically saves the results of votes into PowerPoint files for sharing. Election results can be posted quickly to your website or shared immediately via PowerPoint presentations or email.