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Employee Perception Survey
How Does Audience Response Technology Improve Employee Surveys?

Strong companies rely on their employee feedback programs to measure the perceptions and opinions of their workforce. Many types of survey tools exist, some as paper-based forms and others more "hands on" like independent consulting teams. Yet, none have proven more effective than the combination of wireless keypads and OptionPower's targeted survey application software.

The advantages of our real-time electronic group surveys are evident when compared to the costs and logistical requirements associated with other types of employee surveys. Imagine the benefit of eliminating the creation, printing, distribution and collection of surveys for the members of your entire company. Our system empowers participants with an anonymous (and therefore honest) voice and instant validation that helps them realize their opinion matters. Moreover, features such as impromptu questions and instant on-screen audience response graphs help foster new ideas and consensus with far greater efficiency than other survey methods. In fact, most forms of surveys offer little if any ability, once they've been distributed, to make changes or customizations to compensate for the needs of different employee divisions within a company.

Unlike other survey methods where you might wait weeks for results, our interactive surveys give you a rapid turnaround time and let you begin your comprehensive analysis quickly. All the data collected is available for analysis almost immediately and because our solutions work seamlessly with the Microsoft Office suite of products, accessing and sharing your employee satisfaction survey results is as simple as sending an email.

OptionPower Will Simplify Your Employee Perception Surveys

OptionPower allows you to easily create your survey questions directly in PowerPoint. Because OptionPower is a PowerPoint add-in it is easy to learn and easy to use. Now you don't have to wait for printing, distribution or tabulation of paper surveys. You can avoid complicated authoring with web surveys or hounding employees to participate on-line. OptionPower is your fastest, easiest and most effective choice for employee feedback.
OptionPower allows you to show subgroup results in PowerPoint during or after your session. It also enables you to tabulate and output group or subgroup results as Excel files or printed reports. You can explore your data, look for significant variations and email charts and reports in PowerPoint or Excel. No other polling product makes data analysis this simple.
OptionPower allows users to add statistical polling data to interactive PowerPoint slides. It's easy to show the overall group average on a numeric opinion scale or the standard deviation, confidence interval, and polarization index statistics to better understand group opinions.
Easily access data and analyze by session, participant, group, or other variables. Access data real-time during a session. You can extract, display and report results faster and more flexibly than with any other interactive opinion polling application. Users can instantly show cross-tabbed charts from any subgroup or question. Data is already present in the database so you won't experience any delays in consolidating data from multiple sessions.