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Employee Survey Module
The OptionPower Employee Survey Module lets you quickly and easily conduct employee perception surveys. When used with wireless response keypads this powerful tool captures responses anonymously while ensuring accurate results. Tabulated survey results are instantly available for review in PowerPoint or Excel.
Easy to use
As simple as a regular PowerPoint slide … just enter the survey question and the scale choices.

Secure and anonymous

Data is transmitted securely from the participants, and no answers are trackable to a particular person so you can have confidence in the accuracy of the responses you receive.

Easily customized PowerPoint template slides
change the wording, the layout or colors to meet your needs.

Exceptionally fast and accurate
No manual data tabulation or inaccurate coding … responses are received and stored instantly.

Comprehensive library of sample survey questions included
Use these as starters for your own custom questions or create an extremely fast, on-the-fly survey.

Instant tabulated results
No waiting for scanning or counting … learn how your employees truly feel without the expense of manual tabulation. Full reports are immediately available through OptionPower’s Report Manager.
Specialized reports for various organizational hierarchies – Present the correct information to the appropriate decision makers without spending hours formatting your data.
Employee Survey Module Information Sheet