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OptionFinder G2
OptionFinder G2 is the proven choice for a single digit response system. This advanced two-way RF keypad has an excellent reputation for consistent, reliable performance.

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Ease of use
The G2 is simple to learn and minimizes participant orientation time and questions. Users can answer multiple choice, true/false, and yes/no questions by pushing a single button.

Response confirmation
Responses are visually acknowledged in a patented process via the keypad LED so all participants know their input has been counted.

Durable performance

The molded case is resistant to damage and breakage and the circuitry is designed for long-term reliability and consistent performance.

Enhanced Signal
The OptionFinder G2, like all our leading keypads, employs the patented and proprietary frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS). You will experience excellent range, immunity from interference and data security compared to competitive products.
OptionFinder G2 Information Sheet
OptionFinder G2 Keypad Hardware Guide