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OptionFinder Micro4
The OptionFinder Micro4 is a small, highly portable response device for any budget. The Micro4 makes interactive events economical for groups of any size. Seasoned users and savvy newcomers alike will benefit from the Micro’s valuable feature set.

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Multi-digit input
Gather more meaningful data with the ability to enter answers to open-ended questions involving calculations, pricing questions and ranking/prioritization possibilities.

Dynamic addressing
Simple participant tracking allows them to easily switch rooms and sessions while still providing you consolidated data.

Class-leading TCO
The Micro4 offers a superior Total Cost of Ownership experience through low initial acquisition costs and durable materials. The molded case is resistant to damage and breakage and the circuitry is designed for long-term reliability. The small size of the Micro+ also minimizes shipping and storage costs.

Enhanced Signal
The OptionFinder Micro4, like all our leading keypads, employs the patented and proprietary frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS). You will experience excellent range, immunity from interference and data security compared to competitive products.
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