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Key Features of OptionPower®
OptionPower has an extensive set of specialized features designed to make your interactive presentations simple and successful. By integrating with Microsoft® PowerPoint®, OptionPower allows you to quickly and easily create your own interactive presentations.
Microsoft Word Import
Easily import questions from Microsoft Word files
Full question editing and layout options in OptionPower
Intuitive red, yellow and green signals indicate presentation readiness
Potential last-minute surprises are reduced or eliminated
OptionPower slides automatically match the look and feel of your presentations
Themes, objects, timing and animations run just like normal

Roster Import and Export
Assign audience response keypads to individuals for response tracking
OptionPower generates immediate tallying of results/scores once rosters are created
Poll Directly from PowerPoint
Polling slides are contained within your PowerPoint presentation
Navigate through them as you would any other slides

On-the-Fly Question Tools
Pose a question to the audience at any point during your presentation and see immediate results

Demographic Breakdowns
View results by participant demographics to show the similarities and differences in audience responses from different groups

Flexible Display Options
Display polling results using all the capabilities of Microsoft® Chart®

Dual-Screen Control Option
Simultaneously run both the design screen and the polling screen using Microsoft's multiple monitor support
Manipulate your presentation on the private screen while your audience is focused on the presentation on the main display

Multiple Hardware Platform Support
Supports both radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) wireless keypads to fulfill your specific meeting needs
Microsoft Word Import
Output a fully formatted Microsoft® Excel® report or use PowerPoint’s print and web publishing capabilities
Optional custom reports are available, ask for details

Roster Import and Export
OptionPower data is stored in a relational database so you can instantly consolidate polling results from multiple sessions
Access data later for comparison and contrast