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OptionPower is one of the only interactive products currently available that is totally integrated into PowerPoint. OptionPower is a fully-integrated add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint and allows you to quickly turn your PowerPoint slideshows into dynamic, interactive presentations. For Microsoft PowerPoint users, OptionPower is the easier software to learn, setup and use. It gives reliable, consistent performance time after time and no complicated programs to learn.
Minimal learning curve … OptionPower is fully integrated into Microsoft PowerPoint.
Easy to set up presentations and simple to master.
Works with your existing content slides.
Presentations run normally with no extra steps for you or the audience. Your workload for administering feedback surveys, assessment activities and training exercises is significantly reduced.
All our durable keypads are simple and intriguing for participants to use.
Results are immediately displayed so you can confidently steer your presentation.
Data is stored in a SQL database you can easily export to Excel or Access for analysis.
Report Manager tools allow you to create sophisticated reports from within PowerPoint.
Multiple meetings or sessions can be quickly evaluated and compared to baselines or norms.
OptionPower 3.2 Information Sheet
OptionPower 3.2 for Office 2007 - Startup Guide
OptionPower 3.2 for Office 2003 - Startup Guide