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ROI Measurement Tool Kit
The ROI Measurement Tool Kit allows practitioners of the ROI Institute methodology, developed by Drs. Jack and Patti Phillips, to quickly and easily collect and analyze assessment data. The Tool Kit represents a dramatic shift in efficiency for the assessment process, saving practitioners both time and money. Users are able to move to a digital data collection approach and eliminate time-consuming paper forms and manual tabulation methods. ROI assessments are conducted live - before, during and after programs - while participants are fully involved and mentally engaged. Participants use wireless handheld keypads to enter responses to survey questions measuring Level 1, 2 and 3 variables.
Organizations using the ROI Measurement Tool Kit can calculate a financial ROI from a meeting or training event. Special tools designed by Jack and Patti Phillips are available within the Tool Kit, including templates and technology to automate the Phillips ROI Process for conducting impact studies.

The Phillips ROI Process is used internationally and endorsed by organizations such as The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and the Professional Conference Managers Association (PCMA).

The ROI Measurement Tool Kit makes data collection and tabulation significantly easier than traditional paper-based methods. It eliminates the need for manual survey preparation, printing and tabulation of questionnaires. Users simply enter their survey questions in easy-to-use PowerPoint templates. Program participants view and answer the survey questions using wireless handheld keypads. All assessment data is instantly stored in a relational database for immediate reporting and statistical analysis.
ROI Tool Kit Information Sheet