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Rental of ARS Systems
Do-it-yourself System Rental

Do-it-yourself meetings are optimal when you have:

Small participant audiences
Technical staff
Simple requirements
Standard events

You will run the meeting, and we will provide you with rental of:

OptionPower software for use with Microsoft PowerPoint
Wireless response keypad for each participant
A receiver to collect responses and votes from the keypads

You will prepare your presentation, setup the receiver, test the wireless keypads and manage the event.
Full Service System Rental

Full Service meetings are optimal when you have:

Large participant audiences
Lack of experienced staff
Complex requirements
Mission-critical events

We will coordinate all interactive aspects of the event:

Interactive format … determine interactive styles that are best for your group.
Question design
… create interactive questions and coach your presenters.
Participant management … build audience rosters and track scoring
On-site management … coordinate keypad distribution and monitor performance.
Logistics … control all shipping and quality control functions.
Report generation … provide post-event reports to measure impact.

All necessary hardware and software are also included in full service system rental.
Sales of ARS Systems
Please contact us at
for a quote on the purchase of OptionPower Systems.
Technical Support
Learn the most frequently used features of the software, how to build and run OptionPower exercises and basic graph navigation. Also covered are equipment setup and troubleshooting, use of design templates, backup and restoration of data, report generation and simple consolidation of repeated meetings. This is for those responsible for operating the audience response system.

Web-based training is typically administered in lessons which last approximately 60 minutes. The training combines a telephone conference call with a web-sharing tool. The instructor can demonstrate software skills on their host PC using the actual application software. In some cases the instructor may also share remote control of the learner's desktop to coach and observe performance. Simultaneous access to a telephone and high-speed internet is required. The most effective use of web training involves spacing the work out over several days so the learner has an opportunity to apply new skills before moving on to the next module. This program serves as an excellent source of refresher training when needed.

Learn to design, build and run complex OptionPower exercises that incorporate on-the-fly changes and brainstorming by the audience, sub-sets, multiple and weighed criteria, and advanced graphic navigation. Learn how to consolidate advanced meetings, export data, create named participant files, weight keypads, and other advanced features. Agenda will be set according to the organization's needs.

This class teaches meeting leaders, facilitators and operators when and how to use systems in their meetings to obtain the most value. Participants do not need to be computer literate. Emphasis in the training is on effective design techniques and building facilitation skills when the Option Technologies audience response system is integrated in the design process.

To take full advantage of the Option Technologies system to achieve meeting objectives, we offer pre-meeting design consultation service in which our consultants work with your sponsors and process designer to define the outcomes.

For both licensed customer and rental customers, Option Technologies offers coaching services where we work with your staff (both systems operator and facilitator) as they develop their skills in using the OptionPower® system to generate interactivity in a live meeting. Coaching helps users adjust their styles to incorporate the dynamic that the keypads are able to add to the meeting process.


As you design specific processes to be used with your clients, we can attend and review a walkthrough of the process, consult on the design of the process, and then attend a run-through of the revised process to assess the changes. In addition, we can help you use the Option Technologies interactive audience response system to make the process easily repeatable by people in your organization.


For special meetings where you want an Option Technologies facilitator to design and facilitate a meeting for you and where we have responsibility for achieving your desired outcome, we can provide a consultant or partner-level facilitator.


For licensed OptionPower customers and non-licensed rental customers, Option Technologies can provide a skilled system operator to support your meeting. Depending on your requirements, we can provide a range of operator skill levels, from simple operations of the system for a basic audience-response session in which all of the questions are known and submitted in advance of the meeting, to more complex sessions at which last-minute design and input into the Option Technologies system may be required.
Warranty Maintenance
Purchasers of Option Technologies Interactive software products are automatically enrolled in the Software Support Program for the first year. Beginning with the first anniversary of your purchase of a software license you can choose to extend your Software Support Program agreement.

Hardware Warranty

Option Technologies Interactive warrants the OptionFinder wireless audience response system for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of manufacture for any material or workmanship defect in the product. The warranty does not extend to batteries or any product component which has been subjected to misuse, neglect, accidental breakage, corrosion due to battery leakage, improper installation, usage outside present guidelines, or alteration outside the factory. Option Technologies Interactive agrees to remedy, at the factory, any product defect or, at its discretion, replace any component or part of the product, provided the owner complies with our RMA procedures.

Software Upgrades
As a Support Program participant you are entitled to free software upgrades as they are released for your licensed product during your contract period. You will automatically be notified by e-mail of upgrade availability and any technical advisories, patches and plug-ins for our products.

Telephone Support
Our technical support staff is specially trained to perform in-depth troubleshooting activities over the telephone and by e-mail.

Support Via E-mail
Software Support Program participants receive access to e-mail technical support during regular business hours

Web Training Workshops
As a Support Program member you will receive a certificate for one free 60 minute web-based training workshop.